lawn and lawnmower

Lawn Care

If you're looking to achieve that golfer's putting-green, manicured lawn you've envied for so long or you simply lack the time or ability to do all your yard work yourself, Bay-Meadow Maintenance can help. We'll set up a regular schedule to mow and tend your lawn as required to keep it looking great throughout spring, summer and fall.

Need a vacation?

In addition to our affordable lawn care packages we also include standby service as well as seasonal lawn cutting. If you are hunting for a knowledgeable professional to mow and trim your lawn on an 'as needed' basis, please call us for a personal quote.

We will also rake your lawn of leaves and other debris (and see to their removal).

Additional Services

  • Seasonal lawn cutting
  • Aeration
  • Nematodes to control beetle/grub infestations
  • Lawn renovation (seeding or sodding)
  • Dog Spot repair
  • Moss preventative application